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Welcome to 'Patch Me Kids' World 

Here's a little bit about us! 

‘Patch Me Kids” is a children’s clothing collection that inspires creativity in young ones. Children can bring to life their imagination by sticking the embroidery patches onto their specially designed shirts! These patches are designed with velcro hook on the back that allow for a mess-free creative expression! 

Fashion designer, Daphne Wong, was motivated to find a solution after one evening being covered in stickers by her nephew, Zechary. Stickers filled her arms and hands as Zechary proudly explained to his Aunt the storyline and characters he had created for her but as dinner reservations approached she regretfully began to peel off his hard work. Daphne felt terrible for hurting her sweet nephew but was inspired to create ‘Patch Me Kids’ as a solution!

Now children can use the different embroidery patches, which come in various designs all uniquely crafted by D-Tribe to create their own wearable artwork in everyday!  




D-Tribe Fashion Designer Label -fashion Boutique


We  Love  To  See  Your  Children's  Creativity !

 Tag us on @patchmekids.dtribe to share your artwork, grab a chance to win patches!   



D-Tribe Fashion Designer Label -fashion Boutique