Our Story

 Hello, welcome to our tribe...

D-Tribe is a Australia based contemporary wear, we design and balance between classic and creative, so that your life is not too boring or over dramatic.

D-Tribe believes that fashion is on trend but design is timeless.

We are designers who inspired by the era, flare your present and embrace the future. There’s no end of creation, but only evolution.


D-Tribe Fashion Designer Label -fashion Boutique

The Team


D-Tribe Fashion Designer Label -fashion Boutique-director

Denise – Managing Director


Denise Wong is our tribe’s leader who’s a professional Tax Accountant with more than 10 years experience in the industry. Since she was a little girl, she’s always dream to have a big wardrobe and put on designer dresses for her everyday. Denise had now turned her little wish into a real career.
Building up D-Tribe is not just for her personal wardrobe anymore; it is a passion of brings up unique and creative designs into the tribe and presents to the audience.

As a proud mum of 6 years old boy , Denise is taking care of D-Tribe, making sure that we present and provide to every of our customer the best we have.


D-Tribe Fashion Designer Label - fashion boutique - Perth Western Australia

Daphne – Fashion Designer


Our in-house fashion designer Daphne Wong designs all the collections and designs that you found from D-Tribe’s wardrobe. Daphne pursued her fashion design’s studies in Curtin University Australia and graduated in 2015 with Graduate Award. She had stepped into the industry in 2016 and showcased her designs in Australia local fashion show and events and had joined D-Tribe as our head designer.

In the early 2017, Daphne is honoured to receive invitation from Vancouver Fashion Week and represent D-Tribe to showcase our first collection TRINITIES.